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Third Eye

Third eye chakra, also known as the 6th chakra or Ajna, is located between the eyebrows at the center of the forehead. It is said that meditating upon this chakra destroys the karma of past lives and brings liberation and intuitive knowledge. It represents foresight, intuition, intelligence, insight, self-knowledge, imagination and an open mind. This chakra is responsible for gathering information about yourself and beyond the materialistic world. Imbalances in this chakra could manifest as a lack of direction, motivation and clarity. When imbalanced, it may make you feel submissive and afraid of success; alternatively, it can also make you more egotistical. An imbalance can manifest as physical problems like headaches, blurry vision, and eye strain. When this chakra is active and balanced, a person feels more vibrant and confident, both spiritually and emotionally. Without the fear of death, one becomes his own master and remains free of all attachment to material things.

Colour of Third Eye Chakra: Indigo
Third Eye Chakra Mantra: Om (Ohm-m)
Third Eye Chakra Element: None

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