Stilbite and Apophyllite raw specimen

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1 x Raw Stilbite and apophyllite specimen from India.

You will receive the exact item from images.

Stilbite is a common member of the zeolite group, and is found in most of the world's important zeolite deposits. Stilbite is named for the Greek word stilbein, which means "to glitter", in reference to the luster of this mineral which is pearly on cleavage surfaces. Stilbite can form in numerous ways, including globular, pyramid shape, long flat tabular, bow tie shape, and a lot more unusual forms. Another common form of which is twinning. Also, they’re somewhat brittle stones that has a transparent/translucent shiny appearance, which is somewhat like a glass.

Don’t bother reaching for the Xanax. You won’t be needing it any longer. Stilbite is a calming stone that will slip you into a tranquil state of mind and body. This stone is very beneficial for meditation as it will help stop the mind chatter and bring You into a zen state. Since it is also a stone of healing and loving, this stone is also great for those dealing with trauma or grief. Stilbite will guide you with understanding how, and allowing yourself, to become a more relaxed and centered person.

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