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Why Mountain Aura?

Mountain Aura is a small business, local in Martensville, Saskatchewan, just 10 minutes north of Saskatoon.  Contactless pickup is available in both Martensville and Saskatoon, with shipping Canada wide. My focus for Mountain Aura was to provide responsibly sourced, beautiful and high quality items that are still affordable.

The name “Mountain Aura” was born from the feeling of being surrounded in nature. Originally from Northern B.C., I grew up spending most of my time building forts in the bush and playing in the nearby ponds and streams. You could say I was fascinated by the environment around me. We drank water from streams, picked berries from bush paths and collected rocks and flowers from the areas nearby. We laid in the fields, watching clouds go by and smelling the scent of blooming clover and timothy grass. Nature was my playground and there’s a yearning I will always have because of this. I now reside in Saskatchewan, where trees and mountains are few and far between, but the energy or “aura” from the mountains is perpetually calling.

Global but local.

Select from a large inventory of curated crystals and gems. In many cases, my inventory is sourced from small business owners around the globe, meaning you are making an impact right here at home, but also on a global scale.

Many items come from countries who are not provided the securities and freedoms of Canada. My distributors receive a fair price for their products and many of my items are hand cut by the same person I purchase from. Your purchase helps towards supporting the vendor, their families and their dreams.

Crystals, Minerals and Gems... oh my

Who am I?

I am a mom to 1 human and 2 fur children, a matcha lover, crystal connoisseur and cancer survivor who enjoys keeping herself busy.  I am Canadian, born and raised.  I spent most of my life growing up in the Northern B.C. interior and spent much of my summers on the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.  This gave me a huge appreciation for the ocean and the life it breathes into the land.  Within the past years, I have relocated out to the Saskatchewan prairies, where the mountains became much smaller (think speed bumps) and the wide open space became much larger.  With all this, I know my heart will always be in the mountains.   

From a love of all things natural, my crystal love grew from an interest into a passion.  Believe it or not, this accidentally became a business following my cancer treatment in 2016.  I loved beading while I had nothing better to do during recovery.  I needed some crystals to “adorn” my sales table at the craft shows, and well… I needed to sell those crystals, and the people just kept on asking for more!

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