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Blue Lace Agate is a type of banded Chalcedony, which is a mineral of the Quartz family. It is a form of banded Chalcedony that is unique to a mine in Namibia, South Africa. Unlike other Agates, Blue Lace Agate is a result of many layers of microcrystalline Quartz that build, dissolve and rebuild over time. Blue Lace Agate gets its color as a result of ‘Rayleigh scattering’. The blue color is something we perceive because of an interaction between atoms that results in light being scattered. To break it down, when the light hits a piece of Blue Lace Agate, the light molecules scatter in a particular way causing it to appear blue. It is the same reason our sky and atmosphere appear blue. This is why Blue Lace Agate’s color will not fade over time. Blue Lace Agate is water safe however the matrix your specimen is attached to should not be submerged for long periods of time as it can cause the breakdown of the material.
Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are not to replace medical advise or treatment and should be taken as entertainment purposes only.
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