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Selenite, also known as Satin Spar, is a member of the mineral group Gypsum. This group also includes Desert Rose, or Gypsum Flower and are types of crystal varieties of the mineral gypsum. The most common form of “Selenite” that we normally see and purchase is actually satin spar which is a fibrous stone, whereas actual selenite is more of a transparent slab without visible fibres. Gypsum is also the material used for drywall, concrete and plaster. Selenite is not a stone whose energy requires clearing and has the unique ability to clear other stones. This stone also has an interesting characteristic that when quality is good to great, and fibres are aligned, you can see through the fibres but not against them… like a secret-looking glass! Selenite is not water friendly and should never be submerged in water as it will dissolve.
Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are not to replace medical advise or treatment and should be taken as entertainment purposes only.
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