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Nephrite, one of the two minerals of the gemstone Jade, is the green variety of Tremolite. Nephrite is a variety of calcium, magnesium, and iron-rich amphibole minerals Tremolite or Actinolite. The other mineral species known as Jade is Jadeite, which is a variety of pyroxene. While Nephrite Jade possesses mainly grays and greens. (Green being due to the Iron content in Actinolite) (and occasionally yellows and browns which are stains from iron oxides and hydroxides) (or white nephrite, termed white jade or mutton-fat jade, is nearly pure Tremolite). Chromium colors nephrite emerald green (via a Na+-Cr3+ vs. Ca2+-Mg2+ substitution). Jadeite Jade, which is rarer, can also contain blacks, reds, pinks and violets. Nephrite Jade is an ornamental stone that is great for carving, and high-quality stone is mined right here in western Canada. Much of our mined Jade is shipped overseas however but great specimens can still be acquired with some searching. Tremolite is the more fibrous of the two, whose color will increase based on the volume of Iron present. It typically forms in blades, columnar or needle-like crystals. It is commonly polished into a freeform which ends up looking a lot like a small cucumber.
Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are not to replace medical advise or treatment and should be taken as entertainment purposes only.
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