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Purpurite is classified as a mineral with its beautiful coloring coming from its manganese phosphate and varying amounts of iron. It occurs in colour ranges from brownish black with purple and violet to dark red and often has a stunning sheen to its electric purple surface. This mineral was first discovered in 1905 by Graton and Schaller who chose to name it after the Latin word “purpura”, as an ohm-age to its purple color. Its main source of origin is in Namibia. Purpurite forms a series with the iron-bearing Heterosite, which are both formed by oxidation of iron and or manganese with the simultaneous leaching of lithium. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning units or steam wands for cleaning your Purpurite as you can damage your specimen. To clean these stones, use a soft brush, mild dish soap or detergent, and lukewarm water. Purpurite is not good with extended sunlight or water exposure.
Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are not to replace medical advise or treatment and should be taken as entertainment purposes only.
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