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Lemurian Seed Quartz is a specific type of Quartz only found in a certain area of the world. Currently found in Brazil, they can be found either as naked Quartz crystals or encrusted with coatings of other Quartz Druzy, also called Dreamsicle Quartz in many different colors. The main characteristic of Lemurian Quartz is the horizontal striations or lines across each side of the crystal (which are growth lines). In some instances, Lemurian Quartz may have a smooth side, which is extremely common in Lemurian but not always the case. Lemurian will also have a striated side that tapers down towards the point more abruptly than the others. These gemstones are often transparent off-white, although they may have a tint of pink-brown that produces lovely reflections when exposed to light. Apart from clear off-white, Lemurian crystals are also known as golden healers and come in a range of hues, including apricot, blue, pink, citrine, and green. Lemurian Seed Quartz is water safe if the inclusions are internal. If your specimen is Dreamsicle, it is best to keep your specimen out of the water.
Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are not to replace medical advise or treatment and should be taken as entertainment purposes only.
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