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Lodolite Quartz, otherwise known as garden quartz, is clear quartz with organic material like inclusions. The inclusions on this stone are commonly comprised of feldspar, chlorite, and hematite which give the stone varying colored inclusions, creating a small world within a Quartz window. This stone can have both visual and spiritual influences, with the visual influence coming from a meditative state while admiring the mystical landscape located within the quartz specimen. No two will ever be the same as they are a particular type of clear quartz that contains inclusions that appear as wisps, growths or layers lying within the quartz. Some of these Included Quartz contains green inclusions, which are usually Chlorite, others are reddish or dark dust, meaning Iron is present. Others may contain wisps of Citrine or Smokey Quartz, while a few may even have rutile threads in them. Rutile inclusions mixed with Lodolite are incredibly rare and should be cherished. Garden Quartz is water safe but should not be left submerged for extended periods of time.
Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are not to replace medical advise or treatment and should be taken as entertainment purposes only.
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