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Cherry Blossom Agate Metaphysical Benefits Card

Cherry Blossom Agate Metaphysical Benefits Card

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Download your own FREE Cherry Blossom Agate metaphysical benefits card from Mountain Aura Crystals.  Add 1 card to your cart for each different type of stone you’re purchasing and keep your cards for future reference.

Info: Cherry Blossom Agate is not really Agate but appears to be pink Chalcedony with white and sometimes greenish blue Chalcedony plume inclusions. The base material is translucent to semi-translucent, whereas the “blossoms” are opaque and have the appearance of cherry blossom buds and flowers within the crystal, which is what gives it the name. It also goes by the name of Flower Agate, Blossom Agate, Green Cherry Blossom Agate and Sakura Agate. Cherry Blossom Agate can also contain other Crystals and Minerals such as Amethyst and Pyrite which make for amazing patterns and inclusions. Flower Agate plumes are 3-dimensional, and their cross-sections create stunning patterns which make for great slab material for jewelry.

Metaphysical Benefits: Connection, Love, Positive Relationships, Growth, Success, Nurturing

Chakra(s): Root, Heart

All metaphysical references are for entertainment purposes only.  Any or all health (physical or mental) ailments should be discussed with a licensed physician.  Download link expires after 30 days from your checkout date.

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