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listing is for 1  x Hematite Included Amethyst raw point from Brazil

you will receive the exact item from images  

It was originally named Haematite, which dated back to antiquity, but the spelling was changed to remove the "a". This name relates to the Greek word meaning blood.The meaning of it's name is due to the fact that it is commonly a deep red color, which closely resembles the color of blood. Its color may also be grayish black, brownish, orange red or have a silvery metallic lustre. Many people associate Hematite with the silvery grey colored stones, which are made from powder Hematite and reconstituted into stone. Silver beads and large silver hematite specimens are made from reconstituted Hematite. They have some different metaphysical properties that are very useful. Hematite in quartz crystal has various names given to it. 'Red Quartz' and Hematoid quartz are commonly a deeper red color which is overlaid clear quartz. The name Ferruginous Quartz may also be used to refer to a piece of quartz that contains a good concentration of either Hematite or Limonite. The name Harlequin quartz or Fire Quartz usually refers to crystals that have red specs or strings of Hematite within.

 Hematite has a strong grounding and protecting element. It strengthens your willpower and confidence, allowing growth and determination to flourish. When contained in Quartz, Hematite is amplified, only adding to the great elements of the stone in which it is contained. Hematite would be useful for those stuck or prone to addiction within their life. It will provide you a beautiful power like no other.

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