Lemon Calcite Sphere

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Listing is for 1 x Lemon Calcite Sphere

Stands can be purchased by searching "stands" in collections.

you will receive the exact item pictured. 

Origin: Pakistan

Yellow Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that is opaque to clear in appearance, and its color intensity ranges from light yellow to deep lemon yellow. Calcite is a carbonate mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate.Calcite is derived from the German Calcit, a term coined in the 19th century from the Latin word for lime, calx with the suffix -ite used to name minerals. Calcite can be either dissolved by groundwater or precipitated by groundwater, depending on several factors including the water temperature, pH, and dissolved ion concentrations. Calcite exhibits an unusual characteristic called retrograde solubility in which it becomes less soluble in water as the temperature increases.

Lemon (yellow) calcite is like an on switch for the brain! It helps to retain, absorb and use information as well as allowing for effective teaching. It also creates a bridge to your spiritual side. Lemon calcite is a power stone, accessing your inner wisdom and strength to lift depression and promote positivity. It will lift you up and bring on deep relaxation, higher self worth, better self image and a cheerful outlook. It would be extremely beneficial for meditation and spiritual work or exploration.

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