X-Large Rose Calcite Sphere

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Listing is for 1 x Extra Large High Quality Rose Calcite Sphere.

Stands can be purchased by searching "stands" in collections.

you will receive the exact item pictured. 

Origin: Pakistan

Calcite is a carbonate mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate. Calcite is derived from the German Calcit, a term coined in the 19th century from the Latin word for lime, calx (genitive calcis) with the suffix -ite used to name minerals. It is thus etymologically related to chalk. Calcite, like most carbonates, will dissolve with most forms of acid. Calcite can be either dissolved by groundwater or precipitated by groundwater, depending on several factors including the water temperature, pH, and dissolved ion concentrations. Calcite exhibits an unusual characteristic called retrograde solubility in which it becomes less soluble in water as the temperature increases.

Leave the doors unlocked because they are going to be opening left, right and center for you. Not just for self love, but get ready to have doors open for your own personal journey. This stone brings positivity, serenity and peace to your mind and life. It can help you process past memories and trauma, and also brings communication between your heart and mind. So forget the expensive trip to the spa for that self love, and turn within, with a little help from this beauty!

Items are a final sale, please review photos carefully.  For enquires or questions, please contact prior to purchase. All items for sale on website are single sale items only regardless of units in picture, unless otherwise indicated as a multiple quantity.  Measurements are for example only and fluctuate based on each individual piece.  As natural products, each item may contain small inconsistencies such as but not limited to cracks, chips and fractures.  These are considered to be a part of the product and are uncontrollable.  All items listed as more than one available in a single post will have a random item selected and sent. Metaphysical components associated with items are not meant to replace medical attention or treatment and are for entertainment purposes only.  If you require medical attention, please see a medical professional immediately.

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