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Why Buy Crystals Wholesale?

Looking for a supplier for wholesale crystals? Let Mountain Aura do the hard work for you! We curate every crystal, mineral and gem for the Mountain Aura website, so you don’t have to spend all those endless hours on live shows, 2 am conversations, and taking risks with unknown vendors.

We handle import details, customs and duties fees, and shipping costs. We strive to maintain the latest and most extensive variety of crystals and gemstones available.

How it Works

When completing your wholesale crystals application, inform us what type of business you operate (online or in person, reiki, crystals only, yoga etc.). Also, let us know how you intend to resell the goods (e.g. if you will be using a platform such as Facebook or Etsy). Have your tax number(s) and business license ready for submission. Please provide as much information as you can, as it increases the chance of approval for you.

Signing up for crystals wholesale will send an account application for approval. Due to the high volume of applications, not all requests get approved. If you receive approval, you will receive an invite to make a wholesale account giving you access to the portal with discounted pricing.

The wholesale customer pays a flat rate for shipping at checkout. Once the items ship, we refund any shipping overages based on actual Canada Post shipping costs. Refunds go to the same payment method.

Become a registered crystals wholesale supplier today. We can do great things together!

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